Level 3 and Zolmo Team Up for Cookery Videos

Level 3 Communications is working with software publishing company Zolmo to deliver caching, on-demand video content and geo-targeting services for the Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meals iPhone application.
The app is a mobile digital cookbook, offering step-by-step instructions, full screen photography, a shopping list feature, and high-quality videos that that users can follow to create 55 healthy meals from the popular chef.
Level 3 is working with Zolmo to deliver caching and download services for the application over the Level 3 Content Delivery Network (CDN). Level 3 is also delivering token-based authentication and geo-targeting to give Zolmo the ability to customize delivery options to users. In addition, Level 3 worked with Zolmo to de-couple the video content from the applications other content (recipes, photos, shopping lists) to enable users to download and install the application more quickly.
 As more people turn to mobile devices for content, there is a greater expectation that the quality of the mobile experience will mirror that of the traditional online experience, says Peter Neill, Senior Vice President of Content Markets for Level 3. By leveraging the Level 3 IP backbone, were able to provide the scalability and reliability needed to ensure a first-class user experience.
The app was developed by Jamie Oliver and London-based Zolmo, a software publishing and development company that creates lifestyle and entertainment applications for the next generation of digital devices.
It was important to us that the application provided a clean, fast, hassle-free customer experience, and using the Level 3 CDN to deliver content directly to the mobile device is helping us to ensure that, says Zolmo CEO, Tristan Celder. Users now have faster access to the videos, targeted content and a great application thats designed to work with their mobile lifestyle.
The application gives users access to over an hour of video clips from the chef, demonstrating kitchen skills ranging from cutting and chopping to cooking techniques. The video on-demand feature allows users to choose the videos they want to store on the mobile device and delete the ones that they have already watched.
The app is available for download from the Apple App Store.