LG Unveils Amazon Alexa-featuring Refrigerator

LG Smart Instaview RefrigeratorLG has unveiled a refrigerator with an embedded screen that can be controlled via voice, due to Amazon’s Alexa. It is powered by LG’s webOS smart platform.

Smart InstaView features a 29in touchscreen LCD display that is able to turn transparent, so the user can peer into the refrigerator without having to open the door. In addition, it enables people to tag which foods are in the refrigerator, along with expiry dates, set up memos and create to-do lists Alexa brings Amazon’s personal assistant to the refrigerator door and is said to come with over 6,000 skills available – including the ability to control the user’s smart home, request car service, set kitchen timers and check the weather – through voice command.

“By working with Amazon, we are able to broaden LGs Smart InstaView refrigerators capabilities and provide consumers with a new smart home service that enhances the at-home cooking and dining experience,” said Song Dae-Hyun, president of LGs home appliance & air solutions company.

Mike George, VP of Amazon Alexa added: “For many families, the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, and a place where they often find their hands tied. Now consumers have even more convenience in their homes, all just by using their voice and Alexa,”