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Lib Dem Hopeful Turns to Mobile for Fundraising Effort

David Murphy

Liberal Democratic candidate Ed Fordham, who is standing for election in the newly-created constituency of Hampstead and Kilburn, has turned to mobile payment service provider paythru, to help him raise funds. Lib Dem supporters can now text 474towin to 67766 to donate 474p or any amount they choose, to Fordham’s campaign, charging their credit or bank debit card.

Fordham is a keen user of social media to connect with voters, and has been blogging, and using Facebook and Twitter since the beginning of the campaign. He says: “Even when using social media channels, modern political campaigns need to be well funded. With the vast majority of people having a mobile phone, it is the ideal way for people to donate. I chose paythru to provide the service because it lets supporters pay with any bank or credit card and works on any phone. I didn’t want to exclude any potential donors.”