Libyans Take To The Mobile web

BuzzCity, which provides global wireless communities and consumer services, has published the Q3 2008 myGamma Global Mobile Advertising Index, which shows the growing use of the mobile Internet and the ensuing advertiser interest. BuzzCity reports continued growth in Indonesia, which remains in top position despite network irregularities, as well as significant growth in Kenya, USA and Bangladesh.
BuzzCity also reports record growth for demand of its service in Libya, which it says will surprise both the global mobile community and digital advertising industries. Only six months ago Libya sat in 93rd position. BuzzCity says the growth is likely to be directly linked with changes in mobile operator business models, offering affordable and understandable mobile data packages, which typically results in a significant increase in user levels and a consequent increase in brands keen to advertise on BuzzCitys advertising network.
UK brands have also shown an increased interest in buying mobile advertising space, with BuzzCity having served 48 million paid ad banners to UK users during Q3 2008. This is a 96% increase on ad banners served in Q2 2008 and puts the UK in 16th position in the index, having moved up two places from its Q2 2008 position.
The ranking below shows the number of paid ad banner for Q3 2008, alongside a comparison with those for Q2 2008:
1. Indonesia: 1.8 billion (up 47%)
2. India: 660 million (down 1%)
3. South Africa: 540 million (down 7%)
4. Kenya: 299 million (up 91%)
5. USA: 261 million (up 37%)
6. Bangladesh: 134 million (up 71%)
7. Tanzania: 114 million (up 30%)
8. Libya: 103 million (up 1640%)
9. Romania: 103 million (up 43%)
10. Egypt: 98 million (up 76%)

BuzzCitys myGamma social network service on mobiles operates on an ad-supported model as a primary source of revenue. Ads are served on myGamma and on more than 2,000 publisher sites globally. BuzzCity tracks the growth of the network and by extension, the growth of the mobile Internet, in more than 200 countries around the world.
The company recently announced that it had secured US$10 million (5.5 million) growth capital financing by new investor Naspers, a South Africa-based multinational media company. South Africa has consistently featured in the top five countries of the myGamma Global Mobile Advertising Index, with the number of paid ad banners having increased five-fold since 2007. To date, the myGamma advertising network has served 12 billion paid advertising banners in 2008, with 1.5 billion served in South Africa alone.
Increased mobile penetration and reduced mobile data charges invariably sees more consumer activity on the mobile Internet, says BuzzCity CEO, KF Lai. More and more advertisers and publishers are keen to reach this growing base of consumers who may be difficult to reach via more traditional media outlets. For example, around 40% of South Africas population has access to the mobile web, whereas less than 10% access the web via a PC. This means that many big brands, such as banks and real estate agents, are willing to spend up to 70% of their budget on mobile advertising.
There is a significant segment of the global consumer market whose primary access point to the web is via mobile. Brands that fail to recognise the growing potential of advertising via the mobile channel will lose out to more innovative competitors who are leading the field when it comes to interactive D2C marketing techniques.