Lidl launches new perfume campaign starring Adele, Shakira and Robbie Williams

Lidl has launched a new campaign for its perfume range of Suddenly and G.Bellini perfumes – featuring A-list names Adele, Shakira, Robbie Williams and Chris Pratt.

In a hilarious twist, the models are actually the supermarket giant’s own employees- who just happen to share a name with the famous A-listers.

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Adele Prattley, Warehouse Desk Clerk from Lidl’s Luton RDC, joins Shakira Khan from Lidl Luton, Chris Pratt from Lidl Preston Grange and Robbie Williams from Lidl Stanningley in modelling the perfumes.

Lidl GB Chief Customer Officer, Peter De Roos said: “Our colleagues are superstars every day so who else would we call when we wanted to launch a high-profile campaign to promote our perfume than our very own Adele, Shakira, Chris and Robbie?

“Our perfume range is carefully crafted to offer the absolute best quality, at market-leading prices and, we hope our customers love the campaign as much as they love our incredible perfumes.”