Lime vehicles are now a transit option on Google Maps

Starting this week, people in more than 80 locations across the world will be able to locate and rent Lime scooters, e-bikes, and pedal bikes using the transit option in Google Maps. Using Google Maps, travelers will be able to locate the nearest Lime vehicle, view an estimate of how much the ride will cost, and how long the total journey time will be, including an ETA.

Lime and Google had previously partnered in December to launch a test of the new feature, but it was only available in 13 cities. Now, the official rollout will expand across 50 US cities and 23 international locations, including Santa Barbara, Queens, Orlando, Miami, Reno, Nashville, London, Brussels, Sydney, Tel Aviv, and Paris. Lime and Google also announced more cities are coming.

To access the feature, iPhone and Android users in participating locations can enter a destination in Google Maps, go to the transit tab, scroll down to “also consider”, and choose the Lime option available. From there, users can walk to the nearest Lime vehicle and start their journey.