Line Launches Messaging App for Brands

Japanese messaging service LINELine has launched an app for brands.

Called Line@, the app enables users to create and manage official accounts on the service. These give the user their own in-app homepage with any details they wish to post, as well as the ability to send batch messages to followers, engage in one-on-one chats with friended users, and post on their Timeline pages.

However, Line@ doesnt replicate all of the functionality of the standard Line app – there are no group chats, voice or video calls or the ability to share contacts.

The app is supported by an online desktop service that offers analytics on user interactions, and the ability to create and send a wider variety of content to users, including coupons, questionnaires and polls.

Line expects the service to be used by “stores and facilities, as well as brand, media, and online business operators”, according to its announcement.

Its free to download the app and set up an account, but there a couple of optional adde dcosts. Users can pay a monthly fee of $50 (£32.50) for a premium messaging plan, which enables them to send rich media messages, and to exceed the free monthly limit of 1,000 messages (up to 50,000, with each message beyond that charged at a rate of $0.01).Meanwhile, users who want to set a custom ID – rather than the random mix of alphanumerical categories they will be given by default – can pay a sum for $24 for the first year, and $12 for each subsequent year.