Line Rules App Revenues in Japan

Japan AppsLine, the Japanese firm most famous for its messaging app, is the highest-earning app publisher in its home market, according to App Annies first Japan-focused Index report.

In July, Lines messaging app had the highest revenues in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Not only that, but two of its other apps – Line Play and Line Manga – took the second and third spots, while its Fortune-Telling app was the eighth biggest earner, driven by its success on Android.

Yahoo was the biggest app publisher when it came to downloads, across its portfolio of 390 apps (compared to Lines 174), but didnt make any impact on the revenue charts. However, its worth noting that App Annie only tracks paid downloads and in-app purchases, not ad revenue, where Yahoos properties will be making most of their money.

Other major Western players do make appearances in the download charts, with Google the third biggest company, Facebook the fifth and Twitter ninth, but all 10 of the top earning app publishers came from Japan.