Lines Popcorn Buzz App Enables 200-person Conversations

popcorn buzzA new app from messaging service Line will enable users to talk with or message up to 200 people at the same time, dramatically outpacing the limits set by competitors like Skype, Google Hangouts and KakoaTalk.

The app, Popcorn Buzz, is available for Android globally, with support in 18 languages and an iOS version in the pipeline. Once they have downloaded the app, users can invite other participants to join using a URL sent out via email, text or on a variety of social networks.

Line has outlined several use cases for the apps huge chats, such event planning for parties and weddings, keeping in touch with extended family and large work conference calls.

The app boasts a carefully engineered system to display whoever is currently talking to enable users to keep track of conversations. Line is also planning to add features like group video chat and interconnectivity with its Line Groups product, although quite how a 200-person video chat would look is difficult to imagine.