LinkedIn and DataSift Partner to Provide B2B Data Insights

LinkedIn + DataSiftLinkedIn and DataSift have partnered to provide B2B content marketers with advanced data insights to ‘help them improve engagement with their content and deliver positive ROI on LinkedIn’.

Pylon for LinkedIn Engagement Insights is a reporting API solution sold by DataSift. It aims to enable companies to discover what the activities, behaviours, and interests, of professionals on the LinkedIn network are.

“Our strategic partnership with DataSift is rooted in a desire to help marketers take the guesswork out of media planning and ad optimization on LinkedIn,” said Russell Glass, VP of products at LinkedIn marketing solutions, in a blog post. “Through LinkedIn Engagement Insights, marketers can get the information they need to build better marketing campaigns and more effectively reach premium professional audiences on LinkedIn.”

Through the solution, marketers can filter the interests and opinions of professionals through options such as industry, seniority, company size and more.

In a post, DataSift CEO Tim Barker added: “Bringing together data-driven marketing and active data intelligence, we can now provide marketers with valuable, real-time answers to questions around audience identification, content engagement and brand awareness/perceptions. Equipped with these insights, they can take action, drive decisions and make changes to their campaigns, content, and strategies.”

Both LinkedIn and DataSift have ensured that the privacy of LinkedIn’s over 467m members is a priority and that solution has been designed to respect this. The Pylon reporting APi is said to let marketers build customised reports in a way that prevents private member data being collected or viewed.