LinkedIn expands sponsored content offering with introduction of carousel ads

LinkedIn carousel adsLinkedIn has added carousel ads to its sponsored content offering, continuing its journey into becoming the Facebook of the professional networking world.

With the carousel ads, businesses can feature up to 10 swipeable cards that can be customised, enabling those wishing to promote content on the platform to share more of what they have to offer in one place.

According to LinkedIn, its carousel ads beta was used by more than 300 advertisers, with 75 per cent of them claiming they will use carousel ads in their next sponsored content campaign due to increased engagement and click-through rates.

“Carousel ads are interactive and have eye-catching visuals, they stand out in the newsfeed,” said Rohan Rajiv, product manager at LinkedIn, in a blog post. “Your stories become tangible and encourage your audience to engage with your brand on both desktop and mobile. Behind every decision-maker is a real person – and carousel ads let you show off your brand’s personality, which draws your audience in and helps them connect with you.”