LinkedIn UK launches new campaign aimed at Gen Z professionals

LinkedIn UK has launched a new campaign aimed at Gen Z professionals, in a bid to help them grow their careers.

The campaign will air on ITV during Love Island and First Dates, on audio, and across digital platforms including LinkedIn, Meta, Youtube, Snapchat, and TikTok from 15 February to 27 April 2024.

The 30-second campaign, follows a Gen Z professional, looking confused in a meeting as he hears everyone speak workplace jargon. However, utilising the social media platforms’ Collaborative Articles feature, his confidence grows and he starts to get more comfortable in his new work environment.

The film ends with the slogan, “Making work make sense. LinkedIn knows how.”


LinkedIn Head of Brand Marketing UK, Zara Easton, said: “Starting out in your career can be daunting, and our research shows that as a generation that entered the world of work during the pandemic, Gen Z are looking for support in gaining the ‘know-how’ to navigate their careers, match their skills to jobs they want, and build a strong professional network they can turn to for advice.

“LinkedIn’s supportive professional community of one billion members can help young professionals make sense of the world of work and set them up for success.”

Easton added: “We wanted to build a memorable film that heightens all those everyday feelings they experience at work, such as understanding workplace jargon and the hesitancy to ask for help. In the campaign, we’ve spotlighted LinkedIn features such as Collaborative Articles, to showcase how they can learn on-the-go; the preferred Gen Z approach.”