LinkedIn unveils 2 new integrations with HubSpot’s Smart CRM

LinkedIn has launched two new integrations in partnership with HubSpot’s Smart CRM, in a bid to help customers better understand their buyers’ purchasing journey.

As a result, the partnership will assist sales and marketing professionals in lead identification, deal tracking, and revenue analysis.

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The move also offers enhanced efficiency and data-driven sales processes, delivering valuable insights into the impact of LinkedIn marketing on crucial sales metrics including, pipeline volume, and success rates.

HubSpot Chief Sales Officer Christian Kinnear, said: “It’s incredibly exciting. When I announced it virtually to our sales team, I got what I believe is the Zoom equivalent of a standing ovation.

“People were whooping and hollering, chatting about how great this is and how much our customers are going to love it. Most of all, my team wanted to know when they themselves could use it. That’s a really good sign — when your own people want to use it.”

RedGuard Business Development Associate, Donna Brown, who participated in the integration beta, continued: “Integrating Sales Navigator with HubSpot will not only help you be more productive, but also help you move more deals through your pipeline positioning them for a higher close rate.

“For example, in just a few clicks, I added a prospective buyer into HubSpot and then into a cadence.”

Recently the social media giant launched its own connected TV (CTV) adverts and Live Event ads to help companies reach decision-makers and build their brands.

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