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LinkedIn Introduces App to Encourage Employees to Share Content

Tim Maytom

Elevate-ContentLinkedIn has introduced a new tool for companies that enables them to curate content then pass it on to employees to share on social media through a dedicated app, called LinkedIn Elevate.

According to the enterprise-focused networking service, members who share six pieces of content will on average receive six profile views and make two new connections, while the company they work for will likely receive six job views, three company page views and a new follower, enabling both employees and firms to network more effectively and strengthen their brand.

However, despite these benefits, and the fact that employee sharing tends to be responsible for around 20 per cent of overall engagement brand content receives, only two per cent of employees tend to share content their company has shared on LinkedIn, meaning there is a huge untapped potential for companies to take advantage of.

The new app combines algorithmic recommendations for LinkedIn's existing news feed solutions with human curation to provide employees with a stream of relevant content they can share using LinkedIn and Twitter, while companies can use the platform to access analytics on social sharing and spread branded content to employees directly.

"This product helps our employees start social conversations about Adobe and the industries we serve," said Cory Edwards, head of Adobe's Social Business Center of Excellence, which led the pilot of the app. "Adobe employees who participated in the LinkedIn Elevate pilot drove 80 per cent more Adobe job views than they did previously and in February alone, each participant drove three to four new trial downloads for Adobe solutions."