LinkedIn launches Conversation Ads for B2B messaging

In an effort to bolster one-on-one conversations and engagement, LinkedIn has announced the launch of Conversation Ads, which will be built in the Message Ads (formerly Sponsored InMail) section of the platform. Advertisers using Conversation Ads will be given a “choose your own path” option, that will allow them to customize their own digital campaign towards prospects. Some call-to-actions offered include product education, webinar’s, and e-book downloads.

Conversation Ads are compatible with tools such as lead generation forms and conversion tracking, and can only be sent in real-time, or when the prospect is currently logged into LinkedIn. In the coming weeks, Conversation Ads will become available in beta testing to all advertisers.

“By turning ad engagements on LinkedIn from one-sided messages to two-sided conversations, Hired saw a big uptick in quality candidates entering the system, said Chase Gladden, growth marketing manager, Hired. “The clickthrough rate was almost 5X higher than what we’d seen previously, which goes to show the level of engagement is pretty wild when you’re able to provide multiple opportunities to click.”