LinkedIn launches Facebook-like Audience Network

LinkedIn Audience NetworkLinkedIn has introduced its very own Audience Network, enabling advertisers to target its 500m-plus user base on third party properties, as it continues its transformation into the Facebook of the business world.

The native advertising network will enable these advertisers to reach more professionals by placing their sponsored content on third-party publishers across mobile and desktop. The introduction of the network is another step toward the Microsoft-owned company’s efforts to monetise its usership.

“The LinkedIn Audience Network is designed to increase your marketing footprint beyond the LinkedIn platform so you can extend your campaign’s reach, deliver on your budget more easily and get your content in front of the right people, wherever they are,” said Divye Khilnani, group product manager of LinkedIn marketing solutions, in a blog post.

According to the professional social network, more than 6,000 advertisers have participated in the beta program of the Audience Network. These advertisers are said to have seen between three and 13 per cent increase in unique impressions served and up to an 80 per cent increase in unique clicks.

“Understanding your campaign performance is crucial to measuring your advertising ROI,” added Khilnani. “When you deliver ads on the LinkedIn Audience Network, you can download performance reports that include clicks, impressions, and engagement that your ads get specifically through the network. This allows you to compare your network performance to your onsite performance.”

“At LinkedIn, it’s our top priority to promote your content in a high-quality and brand-safe context.”

To ensure this brand safety within the Audience Network, LinkedIn has taken measures such as adding the ability to block IAB categories and upload custom block lists.