LinkedIn launches sponsored newsletters

LinkedIn has announced an expansion to its sponsored articles ad option to now include sponsored newsletters.

As a result, the social media giant is allowing brands to generate leads via its content on the newsletters, which are being rolled outgradually”.

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Sponsored newsletters also enable companies to boost their newsletters to attract more sign-ups, functioning in much the same way as sponsored articles, LinkedIn stated.

Meanwhile, it added, that sponsored articles are individual, standalone, long-form content pieces on a variety of topics.

In contrast, sponsored newsletter articles are included in recurring, serialised newsletters on the platform which members can subscribe to.

Currently, there are some differences in the features available for sponsored articles compared to newsletter articles.

Sponsored newsletters will be available in brand awareness and engagement campaigns, and can be created via theContent Libraryin Campaign Manager.

In a statement, the platform said:We’re gradually releasing sponsored newsletter articles, and you might not have access to them at this time.

“Only newsletter articles authored by a company and part of an organic Company Page post can be sponsored. Member-authored newsletter articles can’t be sponsored but this capability will be available in a future release.”

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