LinkedIn launches new Thought Leader Ads

LinkedIn has announced the expansion of its Thought Leader Ads’ capabilities, allowing advertisers to sponsor content from any member, not just employees.

The move, which is set to be rolled out at the end of the month, has been launched in a bid to amplify a diverse range of influential, trusted, and expert voices on the platform, the social media giant revealed.

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Meanwhile, as of the new update, brands can showcase voices beyond employees for any page they manage, allowing them to reach out to new audiences.

LinkedIn Head of Enterprise Solutions UK and Ireland, Tunji Akintokun, said: “B2B influence has taken off in the past year as brands recognise that it is critical to building audience trust.

“People are at the heart of thought leadership, and when trusted voices – employees, executives, and experts – authentically promote a company’s insights – it is a powerful way for brands to reach new audiences, build credibility, and support community-building.”

Akintokun added: “With this expanded capability, brands can promote member posts that align with their purpose and collaborate with trusted expert voices to build larger influencer marketing campaigns and reach new audiences. We’re excited to see how companies creatively leverage this ad format as part of their marketing mix in the coming months.”

The news follows the platform launching a new campaign aimed at Gen Z professionals, in a bid to help them grow their careers.

Watch the advert here.