Lionsgate Launches Chatbot to Promote Power Rangers Movie

Tyrone Stewart

Lionsgate has partnered with sales and marketing chatbot makers Imperson to promote the upcoming Power Rangers movie with, everybody’s new favourite plaything, a chatbot.

Through the partnership, fans have the opportunity to chat with Alpha 5, the Power Rangers’ robotic assistant, through Facebook Messenger, Kik, Twitter DM and the movie’s official website.

Evan Fisk, VP of digital marketing at Lionsgate, said: “Together with Imperson, we’re able to give Power Rangers fans a chance to interact with an iconic character on the most popular messaging platforms. This immersive chatbot experience is an innovative way for us to directly engage with fans…”

The pair say the goal of the bot is ‘to build a real-time, two-way relationship with fans that can grow in the weeks leading up to the film release’ – on 24 March. The Alpha 5 bot reveals ‘world-building’ stories, exclusive movie content and rewards.

“Lionsgate is launching the most extensive chatbot campaign to date and we couldn’t be more delighted to be the partner that’s making it possible,” said Seth Greenfield, CCO at Imperson. “With this chatbot, we’re able to reach fans where they already spend a majority of their time: on messaging.”