Littlepay brings first tap-to-pay pilot to Portugal

Littlepay has introduced Portugals first contactless transit ticketing system, in the city of Porto. 

The transit payment service provider is partnering with Visa, Andante (an intermodal ticketing system for the Metropolitan Area of Porto), Unicre, Card4B and Cybersource, to launch a pilot project on Metro do Porto’s Linha Violeta (E) and STCP Bus Line 500, which will offer passengers a simple, secure and convenient way to pay for fares.

With ‘Tap-to-Pay’, users can experience more seamless journeys, paying fares by tapping their contactless debit, credit, prepaid card, or payment-enabled device on payment readers. There is no need to carry cash, queue for tickets, or understand the local ticketing system.

In the coming months, Littlepay plans to roll out the system to all metro lines; and, by the end of 2022, contactless payments will be accepted across the entire STCP bus fleet. It is predicted the simplicity of this payment method will play a vital role in promoting the use of public transport in Porto, enabling better, more environmentally sustainable mobility for residents and tourists. 

“It’s been a huge honour and great experience to work with an amazing team of partners who are blazing a trail in transit payments and ticketing innovation. Everyone involved in this project has shown great drive and commitment to getting this pilot project live, to bring passengers the benefit of a secure, frictionless ‘Tap-to-Pay’ option” said CEO of Littlepay, Amin Shayan.