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Live shopping platform Bambuser acquires Relatable for $24m

Gabby Fernie

Live shopping platform Bambuser has acquired global marketing technology company, Relatable for $24m (£16.90m). 

By combining social commerce, livestreaming and influencer marketing Bambuser is making is easier for brands and retailers to execute measurable, scalable and effective campaigns.

To date, both Relatable and Bambuser have partnered with hundreds of brands from around the world, including shared customers like Samsung, Ted Baker and Klarna.

Relatable does not represent influencers, but instead helps brands to find the right influencers from their proprietary database of millions, ensuring that campaigns have the desired impact. 

The two companies will operate and service customers independently, yet collaboratively. The acquisition will add significant value to Bambuser and its shareholders by accelerating SaaS revenues and improving customer lifetime value. In addition, the acquisition will add key talent to predominantly Bambuser’s global sales teams.

As a first step in the new relationship, Bambuser will add creative and strategic services from Relatable to its customers, enabling them to amplify campaigns before, during and after Live Video Shopping events.

“Bambuser and Relatable are a match made in heaven. I’m excited to build a global sales organization that leverages the enormous market demand and fuels growth to our SaaS business,” said Founder of Relatable and newly appointed CRO at Bambuser, Martin Garbarczyk.