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Live-streaming Apps Most Sought Marketing Tech in 2015

Tim Maytom

Meerkat PeriscopeLive-streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat are the marketing technology of the moment, with 19 per cent of marketers planning to use the technology in campaigns this year.

The figure comes from Greenlight's 'Hype or Ripe' study, which surveys marketers for their opinions on which technologies are ripe for investment, and which are seen as overhyped.

Smart watches and wearable devices are viewed as the most overhyped tech of the year, with 70 per cent of marketers believing that their capabilities cannot match the buzz around the devices.

Wearables far outstripped other technologies in this regard, with the closest competitor on the 'hype scale' being Bitcoin, which 36 per cent rated as overhyped, followed by virtual reality (27 per cent), beacons (24 per cent) and augmented reality (20 per cent).

High profile campaigns by brands including DKNY and Spotify, as well as celebrity users like Jamie Oliver and Madonna have helped bring live-streaming apps into the spotlight and bolster their worth to marketers, while many industry experts have voiced their concern over how advertising can adapt to the smaller screen of devices such as the Apple Watch.

Peer pressure plays a large role in what technologies marketers choose to embrace, with 34 per cent influenced by what competitors are doing, and 33 per cent following the example of major brands. Only 51 per cent said they would need reassurances over a technology's ability to generate results before trying it.

"It's easy to be dazzled by the industry buzz around shiny new playthings like the Apple Watch or Oculus Rift, however our research suggests that marketers are increasingly reluctant to drink the Kool-Aid," said Andreas Pourous, COO and founder of Greenlight. "Hardened by past mistakes, we are seeing marketers take a wait-and-see approach to new technologies and platforms before making an investment.

"The live-streaming market is a classic example. As the battle for market share between Meerkat and Periscope heats up, we could see some marketers get burnt if they back the wrong horse. As always, our advice is to invest in technologies that are proven to deliver ROI."