LiveMe links up with Bark to make livestreaming safer

LiveMeUS livestreaming app LiveMe is teaming up with Bark, a service that uses machine learning to keep people safe online, to create a safer livestreaming environment for its broadcasters and users.

The partnership sees Bark build on LiveMe’s existing safety measures to help monitor, detect, and alert to signs of cyberbullying, sexting, ideas about suicide, school shootings, and more. LiveMe has also opened its API to Bark’s AI-powered technology, enabling families to actively monitor and identify issues facing children and teens online. The livestreaming app aims to use the collaboration to implement ‘more robust’ safety measures.

“Empowering parents to keep their children safer online is our top priority. We are thankful to be a trusted partner of LiveMe and applaud their proactive efforts to utilise our service to truly make a positive impact in the lives of families across their popular platform,” said Titania Jordan, chief marketing officer at Bark.

LiveMe already restricts anyone below the age of 18 from creating an account by automatically setting a device ban on those it finds to be underage. It also shares insights and information with international government agencies such as the UK Home Office, as well as with NGOs and other social media platforms.

“By taking a proactive approach to safety on our own platform, we hope to encourage other players in the space to follow suit and implement similar safety measures,” said Yuki He, LiveMe CEO.