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LiveRamp introduces solutions for publishers

Tyrone Stewart

Identity resolution platform LiveRamp has unveiled a suite of solutions for publishers to build a direct, trusted relationship with their audiences and connect those audiences to relevant advertisers.

LiveRamp, which announced the suite at its RampUp London event, assures these solutions all meet the growing privacy regulation around the world. The solutions eliminate dependencies on third-party cookies by using identifiers to unify fragmented data, while enabling publishers to gain consent and meet regulatory guidance.

“People-based marketing needs a privacy-first, transparent solution rooted in user authentication,” said Warren Jenson, president, chief financial officer, and executive managing director of international at LiveRamp. “This solution is an innovative path to a fair value exchange, a renewed relationship between publishers and readers, whereby the latter can access free content they want while publishers can maintain sustainable business models that fund the development of high-quality content.

“Our publisher offering strives to create a level playing field for every platform, marketer, and publisher, with consumer privacy as the cornerstone. It’s a platform for everyone to work together to achieve this mutual mission.”

Earlier this month, Rubicon Project and MediaMath agreed to integrate LiveRamp’s IdentityLink graph into their platforms. IdentityLinks aim to reduce dependence on cookies, improve addressability, and enable marketers to engage people rather than devices.