Liverpool FC Launches iPad Football Game

Liverpool Football Club has launched The Official Liverpool Shootout Game, which it says is the first official football club game developed for the iPad.

The game gives fans the chance to test their skills against Liverpool goalkeeper, Pepe Reina, using “the latest in 3D physics and advanced artificial intelligence” to deliver the most authentic gaming experience possible.

Genuine supporter chants and sound effects, plus detailed visual content from within the club’s historic Anfield stadium, have been used by app developer Bright AI to create an app which it says is true to the heritage of Liverpool Football Club.
The game features three modes: Classic – where players have three lives to score as many goals as possible; Time Attack – where the player is against the clock; and Target Mode – where targets must be struck as the clock ticks down.

Apple’s Game Center functionality enables players to connect with friends, compare scores and unlock up to 20 achievements in the game, whilst the app records player progress, including the number of goals scored, goals saved, shots on target, average score, highest score and games played from each mode.

In 2009 Bright AI developed the first officially branded football club game application for the iPhone (Spurs Keepy Uppy). The developer has now built official mobile apps for over 17 football clubs including Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa and Newcastle.

“Mobile provides an important channel for fans to engage with the club, not only on matchdays but for entertainment too, and we look forward to extending our product range to other devices in the near future,” says Kathy Smith, Liverpool Football Club’s mobile manager. “With Shootout, Bright AI has developed another excellent application which gives fans the chance to try and score one past Pepe, with the backdrop and sound effects straight from Anfield. Something I’m sure supporters will appreciate.”

The Official Liverpool Shootout Game is available on iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iTouch. It costs £1.19.