LMAX Launches Mobile Exchange

LMAX, the retail foreign exchange (FX) and contracts for difference (CFD) trading venue, has announced the availability of the first mobile exchange, with the launch of LMAX Trader for iPhone and BlackBerry handsets. The mobile dealing app for trading clients allows users with an iPhone or BlackBerry mobile device to stay updated with the markets, view their LMAX Trader account status, and manage their positions and orders across multiple asset classes.

LMAX Trader enables clients to trade on the move via an easy-to-navigate interface, allowing for convenient access to their portfolios. The app will be rolled out to other mobile operating systems in the coming months.

LMAX provides the retail FX and CFD investor with a sophisticated but easy-to-use neutral platform that seeks to offer traders a fairer and more transparent alternative to competitors offerings. The platform is an exchange that brings together retail and institutional buyers and sellers in a wide variety of financial instruments on a level playing field.

“Increasing investor sophistication, combined with highly mobile lifestyles, has meant that more people want to take control of their investment decisions on the go and therefore need instant access to financial markets and their portfolios,”says LMAC chief technology officer, Martin Thompson. “Our platform offers a neutral and transparent exchange model, delivered via market-leading technology, both key differentiators in a competitive market where investors demand solutions that deliver results.”

The LMAX Trader app is available as a free download, though an LMAX Trader account is required to use it.