Localytics Announces Marketo Integration

App analytics and marketing firm Localytics has announced an integration with Marketo marketing automation software for the web. Localytics said the integration will enable it to combine customer data and user behaviours to automate customer communication across mobile and desktop, including apps and websites.

Leveraging Marketo webhooks, Localytics mobile app behaviour and profile data are now automatically pulled into Marketo for use in email campaigns. These cross-channel insights, the company said, will enable marketers to move from simply responding to the needs of the customer, to anticipating their needs and moving them forward on their journey with the brand.

Marketo users will benefit from the integration through the ability to incorporate richer mobile data in their marketing campaigns. As an example, going forward, they will be able to use Marketo Smart Campaigns to trigger Localytics push messages that reach customers on their smartphones. So a department store, for example, could target mobile app users who have displayed certain buying inclinations in the past via email. Using Localytics auto-profiles like ‘Last Session Date’ and/or ‘Last City’, a marketer can see when and where a user may have recently engaged with the brand and can build on this information with a Localytics profile like ‘Shoe Buyer’ to craft a campaign that resonates with the targeted email recipient.

Localytics said the integration is part of its commitment to helping marketers deliver relevant app experiences to their customers in every stage of the app lifecycle, adding that more third-party integrations would be announced over the coming months.