Locatel Launches Mobility for Hotels

Locatel has launched its Mobility range of mobile solutions for the hospitality industry.

Mobility is made up of three parts: Lobby Companion, an app with details of the hotel, tourist information, and internet access to run on tablets placed in lobbies, bars and other public locations; In Room Companion, to be installed on hotel devices with a variety of functions including express check out, room service ordering and TV remote control; and Mobility Companion, for guests own devices.

Each app is modular and customisable to hotels individual needs, and can be updated through a cloud management service.

“The Mobility offering is the fruit of several years of development and patents, and 50 years of expertise in the broadcasting and media business,” said François Clemenceau, mobile business unit director at Locatel. “This know-how allows us to create innovative services and to meet the high expectations of guests with solutions such as viewing mobile content on the TV screen, TV channels displayed on mobile devices, secured printing from mobile devices and high-speed internet access.”