Location, Location, Location

shutterstock_89981233Welcome back to your new-look Mobile Marketing Magazine. This week on the site, in addition to our regular news coverage, we’ll be throwing the spotlight on location-based services.

Later this morning, we’ll be posting a Guest Column from Sarah Weller, MD at Mubaloo, looking at the implications of Apple’s iBeacon indoor mapping technology. Later in the week, Kirsty Styles will be talking to Blis Media about its location-based advertising platform.

We’ll also be running a feature looking at the various indoor mapping solutions out there, and I’ll be taking a look at location-based social media app Tapastreet. Finally, David Murphy will be revealing the location-based services that make him purr with content, as well as a couple that make him growl like an alleycat.

One final housekeeping point. Our mobile site is now a responsive site, driven from this one, and accessible at www.mobilemarketingmagazine.com so if you currently have the old m.mobilemarketingmagazine.com site bookmarked, you’ll need to delete that, and bookmark the new one for future reference.

Alex Spencer
Online Editor