Location Sciences launches Verify for authenticating data

Tim Maytom
Mark Slade, Location Sciences' CEO

Mobile location intelligence company Location Sciences has announced the launch of Verify, a solution aimed at providing advertisers with independently authenticated insight into the accuracy and precision of their location-based ad campaigns. The solution leverages first-party data and proprietary technology to understand location signal accuracy, POI radius accuracy and other crucial location indicators.

Inaccuracies in location can be caused by a wide range of factors, from negligence to poor targeting technology and deliberate and malicious fraud, with app publishers appending fake latitude and longitude to their impressions served into a bidstream in an effort to drive up revenue. Verify aims to help advertisers avoid these problems.

“Our team has significant mobile media and publishers experience,” said Mark Slade, CEO of Location Sciences. “As a result, we were well aware of some of the challenges in distinguishing the good from the bad. We know there are some excellent location providers in the market, however the opaqueness of location data and programmatic execution, combined with the significant premium for location-based inventory, means the market is open to potential abuse.

“We firmly believe location is the reason mobile spend has grown so prolifically. It is important therefore to ensure brands remain confident in the supply chain, as it would be a shame if a few bad players ruin this unique opportunity. We are uniquely placed to launch a product of this nature, as we are independent, media agnostic, with direct, GDPR-compliant, first-part data.”