Logica Launches Intuitive Texting

LogicaCMG has announced the launch of Intuitive Texting, an end-to-end suite of messaging solutions including an IP-Short Message Gateway, an Instant Messaging Service Centre (IMSC) and messaging clients. Logica says that Intuitive Texting enables operators to leverage SMS with Instant Messaging (IM) functionality and further grow SMS revenues today, while engaging in a migratory roadmap that will help them introduce innovative converged messaging services and functionality in the IMS future. 
SMS is indisputably the most successful mobile application to date and Ovum is predicting that mobile messaging in general will continue to generate increased revenues and traffic until at least 2010. With Intuitive Texting, LogicaCMG recognises that operators will continue to generate revenues from existing messaging infrastructure investments but that they need to respond to consumers increasingly complex messaging requirements, such as presence, chat and personalisation, in order to continue to drive service revenues into the future.
Operators, says Logica, need to ensure that new messaging services fully capitalise on the existing benefits of SMS to both user and operator, i.e., a significant global user base, simplicity, ubiquity and affordability. LogicaCMGs Intuitive Texting provides operators with the full integration of IM technology with SMS to immediately maximise opportunities presented by the continuously evolving messaging market, from the foundation of a fully SMS-compatible platform. The proposition enables the sending and receipt of messages off-net, mobile number transparency across domains, out-of-coverage support and storage of messages, boosting traditional SMS services and providing a seamless cross-platform experience for subscribers.
As the world leader in SMS, with over half of the worlds text messages handled by our systems, we are fundamentally involved with the evolution of mobile messaging says Steven Van Zanen, Vice President Marketing at LogicaCMG Telecoms Products. While it could be tempting for operators to consider a quick-fix messaging solution to react to current trends, the revenue contribution of SMS is so significant that the launch of any new messaging service has to tightly integrate, providing subscribers with a clear migration path. LogicaCMGs Intuitive Texting combines our proven and market-leading messaging solutions with innovative EU-funded research and development, enabling operators to maximise future messaging revenues while protecting the existing and lucrative returns from traditional SMS.
Intuitive Texting consists of three key products which form an end-to-end solution in conjunction with any existing SMSC: the IP-Short Message Gateway is a vendor-agnostic platform which IP-enables the existing SMSC, acting as a scalable hub between the SMS and IM domains of the operator; the IMSC is a state-of-the-art messaging application server supporting all major IM protocols, ready for IMS; and messaging clients for both PC and a wide range of mobile devices including Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile ensure operators maintain end-to-end control over the messaging process.
LogicaCMG recently announced the sale of its Telecoms Products business to a consortium of private equity buyers, subject to employee consultation and regulatory approval. Once the transaction closes the Telecoms Products business will trade under the new brand, Acision.