Logica Unveils Message Plus

LogicaCMG has announced the launch of Message Plus, a messaging product that it says enables network operators to offer consumers a greatly-improved messaging experience. Message Plus provides enhanced person-to-person messaging services that allow operators to add incremental revenue, increase differentiation and service personalisation and boost customer loyalty.
SMS is hugely popular and will continue to be a fundamental mobile service globally,  says Logica. Text messaging traffic is predicted to grow until at least 2010, but the service features have remained simple and static, with little innovation. At the same time, network operators are under pressure to differentiate their services in order to boost revenues, reduce churn and stay competitive. Logica claims that Message Plus makes this possible.
The results of an extensive survey of over 8,000 consumers, conducted by Ipsos MORI across eight countries globally, indicate that many consumers are willing to use these services, pay for them, and switch to an operator that provides them, says Logica. For some services, over 70% of consumers surveyed stated that they would certainly use the services if they were made available.
The research consisted of 8,518 interviews, conducted online in November 2006. A representative sample of adult Internet and mobile phone users in each market was approached to take part in the survey.
Message Plus delivers a wide range of mobile services, three of which were the focus of the recent Ipsos MORI research. Auto-Reply allows consumers to create an SMS alternative to the out-of-office style automatic replies, enabling business users to let contacts know when they are out of the office, while a consumer user could set an automatic reply to let friends know that their mobile phone battery is low, and ask them to contact them on an alternative number. Consumer interest in this type of service is particularly high in some Asian countries, with up to half of respondents stating that they are likely to use this service every day.
Responses from consumers also suggested that a messaging archive service would be in strong demand. Known as Auto-Copy, this service enables messages, sent to and received from contacts, to be copied directly to an email account. With Message Plus, network operators can also include adverts within messages, known as Sponsored Messaging. This offers consumers free or reduced text messages in return for seeing the ads within the message.
Message Plus is an integral part of LogicaCMGs Intuitive Messaging offering that integrates seamlessly into an existing messaging infrastructure, providing network operators with a bridge between services available now, and future applications. Message Plus offers operators widely applicable SMS services which can be tailored to both business and consumer use.
It is crucial that operators have the ability to innovate and improve existing services such as SMS in order to stay ahead in this competitive environment says LogicaCMG Senior Vice President for Application and Content Services, Adrian Kelly. We recognise there is a need for operators to differentiate by offering advanced messaging services, and the research we have conducted across a diverse range of global markets proves that there is significant demand for messaging innovation. Market interest in Message Plus has already been very positive.