LogMeIn Buys Pachube

Cloud connectivity company LogMeIn has acquired Pachube, the company behind a sensor-based system that connects devices to the Internet of Things. 

Pachubes system connects people and devices to the internet and allows these devices to share and publish data. The company was acquired in a $15m (£9.3m) cash deal. 

“We believe the volume of devices coming online and the amount of data they will generate will dwarf the internet as we know it today,” says Michael Simon, CEO of LogMeIn. “This investment extends our Gravity platform for scalable, secure connectivity and storage into the universe of smart and embedded devices and the complex systems that the Internet of Things makes possible. The Pachube team has a deep understanding of the technical challenges and opportunities that this phenomenon represents, and we believe theyve built a service that will change the way people interact with their devices, their environment and each other.”

Pachubes service launched in 2008, and offers real-time monitoring and management of any type of connected device. The companys systems allow people to connect their devices and sensors to its service, to publish data, and to receive data and instructions from other devices. The Pachube service also collects and stores the published datastreams for further analysis and visualisation.