London Essence Co. rolls out summer campaign across BVOD and social

Premium mixer brand The London Essence Co. has launched a campaign encouraging consumers to elevate their drinks this summer. The campaign, developed by Saatchi, The&Partnership and MSix,  will run across TV on Demand and social throughout June and July as the brand continues to educate consumers about its range of premium mixers.

The campaign is being promoted with the tagline ‘Exquisite mixers blended with distilled botanicals’ encouraging consumers to explore the range and elevate their choice of drinks this summer with London Essence.

After identifying that 82 per cent of cocktail consumers are interested in trying serves with a contemporary twist, the brand has curated a number of simple cocktail recipes that elevate and modernise much-loved classics that can be easily created at home and are designed to be lighter in calories. These easy-to-follow recipes, such as the White Peach & Jasmine Mojito and Spiced Ginger Beer Mexican Mule, are available for consumers to explore on the brands website and social channels.

“Our new campaign will be live over the summer months to remind consumers about our range of exquisite mixers blended with distilled botanicals to deliver the purest flavour,” said Ounal Bailey, Co-founder of The London Essence Co. “We want to remind drinkers to seek out high quality mixers and utilise our cocktail recipes to elevate their drinking experiences throughout the year.”