London Travel Guide for Mobiles and Ipods

Software developer Coolgorilla, the company behind the talking phrase books, has launched the London Travel Guide, which it says is the worlds first travel guide specifically designed for iPods, iPhones and mobile phones. The guide is available as an iTunes download for the iPod, and as a mobile Internet site at for the iPhone and other mobile phones.
The guide includes over 400 pages of information, together with a host of other features. Coolgorilla used its eye in the sky to create aerial footage and spectacular views for the guide. The guide also contains intriguing facts about each attraction, and, the company says, the reviews are not just practical but candid too.
Coolgorilla says the guide will be regularly updated, so users can access the most up to date information about each attraction, including entrance fees, phone numbers and website details. iPhone and mobile users can simply click on the phone number of the attraction to call them, or use the website link to go directly through to the attractions website to get more information.
A recent road trip through California got me thinking about how we could improve on the traditional, paperback travel guide says Coolgorilla Managing Director, Roy Forsdick. By using the content rich features available on iPods and mobiles we can help travellers get the most out of their visit to London. Also, since software isnt exposed to the same reproduction costs as hardcopy publications, we can distribute the guides for free!
Businesses can also make use of the sponsorship and advertising opportunities, including the ability to instantly connect the user with a booking line, or provide a video for commercial attractions and events. With over 100 million iPods in use today and over 1 billion mobile phones sold last year alone, says Coolgorilla, the London Travel Guide makes for a powerful and unique platform for brand owners to reach their target audiences. 
The company is working on similar travel guides for a number of other cities, including Paris, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, due to be released later this year.