London Underground Wi-fi Goes Paid

Virgin Medias London Underground wi-fi service has ended its initial free period. Going forward, users of the service, which offers internet connectivity at a growing number of Underground stations, will have to pay a daily (£2), weekly (£5), or monthly (£15) subscription fee.

Subscribers to Virgin Media, EE and Vodafone can still access the service for free by signing up with their operator.

An extra 11 stations have also started offering the wi-fi, bringing the total number to 103 of Londons 270 Underground stations. Virgin says its hoping to reach 120 locations by the end of March 2013.

Meanwhile, on the Thames…

Coincidentally, the news comes on the same day that Global Reach has announced plans to deploy wi-fi coverage on TfLs Thames Clipper river ferries, and along 44km of the River Thames.

The wi-fi, which is intended to go live before March, will require users to sign up to the BT Broadband Hotspot service.