Londons Islington Assembly Hall becomes UKs first digital-only venue

ConcertThe Islington Assembly Hall has become the first UK venue to introduce mobile-first ticketing, after teaming up with ticketing app Dice in a bid to stop touts from getting their hands on tickets.

Tickets bought through the Dice app are locked onto the users account, meaning attendees only have to bring their phone along with them to gain entry to the venue and there is no chance for touts to sell-on tickets on secondary websites or outside venues.

“We’re so excited to be working with Dice and to be leading the way as a music venue offering mobile-first tickets,” says Lucinda Brown, venue business manager of the Islington Assembly Hall. “Through this partnership, we are making a stand against touts and allowing fans to have more control.”

In addition to fighting against touts, tickets for gigs at the Islington Assembly are bought in real-time through the app, and people can get refunds for sold out nights up until moments before the gig.

“In a world where you can travel internationally using just your phone, we believe this is not a step into the future but simply the present,” said Russ Tannen, head of music at Dice. “When venues ditch tout-friendly paper tickets and embrace mobile, literally everyone wins except for the touts.”