Looking Back on 2013

Phones and tablets mix mosaicWere quickly approaching the end of another hectic year.

I heard fewer people describing 2013 as the Year of Mobile, which probably means it really finally was. The industry has undergone some massive changes, both big and small, good and bad over the last 12 months – so for the next week, we thought wed take a look back.

Its fairly hard to deny that social has been one of the years biggest themes, so Kirsty Styles will be taking a look at where the major players in the space – from Facebook to Tumblr, Twitter to Google+ – currently stand.

Meanwhile, well be picking out some of the biggest trends, stories and acquisitions of the year. A host of brands and mobile experts will be telling us about the app they couldnt live without in 2013, and David Murphy will be taking a look at how different 2013 has been to previous years.

Thank for reading.

Alex Spencer
Online Editor