L’Oréal Garnier creates Instagram AR filter for Vitamin C Glow Boost Night Serum launch

L’Oréal Garnier has launched its first Instagram augmented reality (AR) filter as part of its #GarnierVitC campaign to promote the launch of the new Vitamin C Glow Boost Night Serum. Available today in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway, the filter can be found on Instagram @garnierrnordics.

With creative direction from influencer agency, Billion Dollar Boy, the interactive filter – designed by animation, design and visualisation studio, 099 Creative, and developed by creative technology agency, Weald Creative is available to users via a mobile Instagram account.

Upon opening the filter, a silhouette of the serum appears. When selected by the user, the serum opens a portal giving the audience the ability to enter the Vitaverse – an AR world resembling a serene and futuristic spa scene.

Consumers can enter and move around the portal and switch between night and day to experience the two different products in a visual and audio experience. At the centre of the immersive world is a 3D render of the serum.

The campaign is designed to drive awareness of the newest addition to Garnier’s SkinActive Vitamin C Glow Boost Serum range. The filter gives consumers the opportunity to engage with the brand creatively and learn more about the products through an immersive experience.

10 leading local content creators, with a combined organic reach of more than 1.2m followers, are amplifying the campaign to support with driving consideration alongside a six-week paid media promotion. The influencers are creating content around the key product benefits and encouraging consumers to explore the Vitaverse. 

Garniers Vitamin C Glow Boost Day serums pairs natural origin ingredients with a mix of 3.5% Vitamin C derivative, Niacinamide and Salicylic Acid to enhancing skin’s glow and radiance. The Glow Boost night serums contain 10% pure Vitamin C to enhance glow and reduce the visibility of fine lines. The serums are available to purchase in most European markets including the Nordics and UK at major retailers.

This campaign is a real departure for us in our creator marketing efforts,” said Linda Ghabain, Nordic Social Brand Manager of Garnier Nordics. “With our new serums, we really wanted to drill down into the experience and enable consumers to see the benefits, even virtually. What better way to do that than by creating an immersive digital experience for all to discover our vitamin C Glow Boost serums?

“As well as exploring new ways to engage audiences, advocacy continues to be a crucial marketing channel for Garnier and so we have partnered with a diverse range of creators to generate meaningful conversations and positive word of mouth around the filter and the new serums.”