Lotaris Launches Third Party Windows 8 Commerce Platform

Lotaris, a mobile app licensing and transaction management company, has launched a developer programme for its third-party Windows 8 app commerce platform.

The Early Release Programme for developers integrating the Lotaris in-appCommerce for Windows 8 will give 300 worldwide the opportunity to use the platform and keep 100 per cent of revenues for the first 90 days. Users will need to register to request the SDK.

Lotaris says that its plaform offers a number of benefits over the native app payments option for the Windows Store. After the 90-day free period, developers will pay 9.85 per cent of revenue earned to Lotoris, compared to the 30 per cent charged up to $25,000 made and 20 per cent thereafter charged by Microsoft.

It offers a much wider range of licensing and payment options, such as popular business models available on Android. Lotaris also offers a range of payment models, including usage limited trial, subscriptions and time limited premium features.

“The recent success of Windows 8 has given new impetus to the OS war. Research shows that 10 per cent of Windows Phone gamers spend more than $25 a month in the Windows Store, compared to just 4 per cent on both iOS and Android.

“These ‘whales,’ along with flexibility of the app licensing and payment business models enabled through the new Lotaris in-appCommerce service, offer great monetisation opportunities for Windows 8 app developers,” said Christophe Lienhard, Chief Operations Officer, Lotaris.