Lovehoney redefines pleasure in new OOH campaign

Lovehoney has launched a new out-of-home (OOH) campaign showcasing everyday household items Brits turn to for pleasure.

The ‘Not a Sex Toy’ campaign features items such as cucumbers, toothbrushes and pillows which are used for sexual pleasures, alongside a tagline stating “You deserve better”.

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In partnership with Boldspace, the campaign has been launched in an attempt to get around rules regarding sex toys and open up healthy conversations around the taboo topic.

Lovehoney Global PR Lead, Nadia McCowan Hill, said: “Sexual wellness is an important part of our overall health, but all-too-often it is villainised and categorised alongside things that are explicit or harmful.

“Advertising restrictions also frequently hinder our ability to educate the public on the topic of sexual wellness, which prevents information from reaching those who need it.”

She added: “Given that we are not allowed to advertise sex toys – a key component of sexual wellness – we decided to get creative by asking the British public what they use instead. We then replicated these items on our billboards, thus creating our ‘unbannable ads”.

“We’re on a mission to normalise the conversation around sexual wellness and bring sex toys into the mainstream, which we will do one cucumber at a time if we must.”

The news comes as the wellness brand recently unveiled a billboard to celebrate “a nation of doggy lovers” strategically placed outside the international dog show, Crufts.