Lumi Mobile Surveys the Consumer Research Landscape

Lumi Mobile, provider of consumer research, is launching Survey, a self-service platform designed to be used by media companies as a data collection tool across iOS, Android, and Symbian handsets.

Companies can use the platform to create market research surveys which can then be competed online or offline by the respondent. Real-time data and completed surveys can then be viewed on Lumis online dashboard and exported directly in SPSS and CSV formats. Survey also includes GPS location and validation, multimedia capture, and QR code scanner functionality.

“Simplicity is the key to easier engagement and that is how companies and brands can gain greater insight from consumers or audiences. By delivering real time data, Lumi Survey is able to measure responses to events or consumer experiences in the moment,” says Richard Taylor, CEO of Lumi Mobile. “We have always led the field in mobile research and now the power of Lumi Mobile is available as a self-service, cost-effective platform. The Lumi platform will continue to evolve as our clients’ requirements evolve.”