Luxury brand Radley sees engagement boost following Emarsys and Return Path partnership

Tim Maytom

Luxury handbag manufacturer Radley has seen a 22 per cent increase in customer engagement and a boost in email deliverability thanks to working with marketing platform Emarsys and email data solution Return Path, which have recently announced a global partnership aimed at improving email reach and conversions for marketers.

Prior to engaging with Return Path and Emarsys, Radley had faced issues with email open rates on their customer campaigns and suffered low enagement rates over their share IP pool. As one of the first brands to use Emarsys and Return Path's combined solution, the firm saw a 288 per cent boost in open rates.

"Understanding who our customers are, and how they want to be engaged with, all starts with an effective email strategy," said Kieran Walker, senior digital marketing manager at Radley. "For us to be efficient with our marketing spend and win these seasonal sales peaks, we need to maximise every single communication on this channel. With Emarsys and Return Path, we saw an immediate impact, with increased deliverability during a critical period. We can now use these insights to power more engagement across channels."

With email still one of the best digital channels for delivering marketing revenue and often acting as a foundation for omnichannel campaigns, the partnership between Return Path and Emarsys enables the former's inbox placement and reputation data to power the latter's Deliverability Advisor Solution, providing enhanced deliverability insights.

"Adding value to every email communication is high on every marketer's agenda," said Dave Littlechild, global head of partnerships and alliances at Emarsys. "Thanks to our partnership with Return Path, marketers can provide recipients with an engaging email experience, meaning increased inbox placement, open rates and, ultimately, revenues."

"We're thrilled that Emarsys' clients are now able to take advantage of our Certification program to optimise their email deliverability," said Ken Takahashi, senior vice president for corporate development at Return Path. "In fact, we're already starting to get good feedback from marketers who are seeing results from Certification, including increased inbox placement and better subscriber engagement, allowing them to reach more subscribers and increase revenue."