Lyft makes its platform more appealing for drivers than rival Uber

Lyft Driver appRide-hailing company Lyft has introduced three updates for its drivers that give them more control over their schedules, higher earnings and a driver friendly app – putting them in a far better position than any of Uber’s.

The San Francisco-based transportation app will now show its drivers scheduled rides up to seven days early, having previously notified them minutes before departure time.

“Scheduled pickups give drivers more control over their day by displaying each ride’s distance, location, and fare up front, allowing drivers to accept the rides that work best for them,” said Lyft in a blog post

In addition, Uber’s US rival has introduced ‘Power Zones’ to 12 cities nationwide. These zones will see drivers get paid more within them during eligible hours – with no restrictions on car year, ride count, or acceptance rate.

The final update is the launch of driver-only app called ‘Lyft Driver’. The app, apparently, offers drivers “all the information they need to succeed with room for more driver resources to come”, and will be gradually introduced to drivers this summer.

“By rolling out these updates (and more) in the coming weeks, we can not only improve drivers’ Lyft experience, but also impact entire communities,” said Lyft. “Passengers enjoy better transportation, drivers are more financially stable, and both are more active in their local economies.”

The updates for drivers come just a day after the company unveiled its new black car options – Lyft Lux and Lyft Lux SUV – for rolling up to events in style.