Lyft makes it easier for riders to get to vaccine appointments

Tyrone Stewart

Lyft has introduced a pair of features aimed at making it easier for people to get to their COVID-19 vaccine appointments and make other essential trips.

The first feature, ‘Rides for Others’, makes it easier for Lyft users to book rides for their family members – whether they are in the same household or not. The person being ‘gifted’ the ride must also have a Lyft account, but the user who made the initial request in their app pays. Because the feature requires the ride recipient to have a Lyft account, it removes confusion around the pick-up.

That feature has rolled out to the entire US. The second feature, however, is currently only being piloted in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Lyft Family enables families to manage their ridesharing from a single account. The creator of a Lyft Family account can invite up to five family members to join their account and select a payment method that will be used for all of their trips. The account admin is also able to see all of their family’s trip details and receipts, once payment has been made.