Lynx targets Gen Z’s in new £15m ad featuring Lil Baby

Lynx has partnered with American rapper Lil Baby for its new campaign aimed at Gen Z men promoting its new ‘fine fragrance’ collection.

The campaign, which features a £15 million TV spot, was developed by the Martin Agency and features the rapper’s 2018 hit ‘Drip Too Hard’.

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Meanwhile, the 30-second spot brings to life the toiletries brand’s new collection by weaving together gaming, music, anime and modern art influences.

The campaign will also feature partnerships with a range of influencers including The Beta Squad, with work running across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat throughout the year.

Lynx Marketing Manager, Josh Plimmer, said: “We know that 74% of UK guys say they do not feel there is an affordable solution to their fine fragrance needs. And now we can offer a collection infused with an eclectic mix of scent profiles, which we know is ‘smell tested’ and loved by young males.

“With the launch of the Lynx Fine Fragrance Collection disrupting the male toiletries category by challenging those traditional luxury symbols of the fragrance world, it’s only right that our new advert is similarly inventive.”

He added: “The creative itself is dripping with surreal Lynx energy – bringing the boost in confidence that Lynx gives millions of guys to life with this vibrant, dreamlike animation that pops off the screen. The advert smashes through the stuffiness of traditional perfumery brands and partnering with rap icon Lil Baby helps us match the energy and sense of adventure that Lynx fans crave.”