MADE.COM becomes the first UK retailer to run Pinterest Idea Ads with Paid Partnership

  • Wednesday, October 5th, 2022
  • Author: Tim Green
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The UK furniture and homewares retailer MADE has teamed up with Pinterest to run creator-produced ads that use images and videos to tell a story. The promotion will support the firms ‘Never Ordinary’ brand campaign.

The promotion is based around Idea Ads with Paid Partnership, Pinterests recently-launched format that enables businesses to promote content via  creator-produced Idea Pins.

Users that click on the pin get to view interactive branded content based around popular creators. Participating brands can target audience sectors and measure performance on the Pinterest ad platform.

The MADE project showcases two interiors UK creators Kerry Lockwood and Little Big Bell. They were invited to style the studio at MADE to produce Idea ads that showcase their own styling tips for different areas of the house.

MADE is the first UK retailer to take advantage of the Pinterest format. But it makes sense given that home decor is the top category on Pinterest with millions of Pinners coming to the platform every month to search and shop for inspiration.

In fact, Pinterest has seen a 30 per cent search uplift for ‘colourful living rooms and a 60 percent increase in maximalist decor’ over the last month.

Natasha Billing, marketing director at MADE, said: “Handing over the creative power to two brilliant Pinterest creators has helped shape up authentic content that could only come from creators who understand our audience. Utilising Pinterest to closely collaborate with creators has provided us with an opportunity to reach new audiences at the very moment they are seeking inspiration for their own home.”