Madonna Takes to Grindr to Promote Album

Madonna Rebel Heart albumNot content with debuting her latest video on Snapchat, Madonna has continued her march through social media with a promotion on gay dating app Grindr.

To promote the upcoming Rebel Heart album, and tying in with the Valentines boom for online dating, Madonna has launched a competition encouraging Grindr users in US to recreate the album art in their profile pictures.

Any users who take a photo of themselves with their face wrapped in cable, à la Rebel Hearts cover, and add the hashtag #LivingForLove to their profile over Valentines Day will then be entered into a draw with the grand prize of chatting to Madonna herself via Grindr.

A previous social marketing effort leveraging the album artwork proved controversial, after pictures posted on Madonnas Twitter and Instagram accounts featuring the faces of black civil rights figures like Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela wrapped with the same black cables were branded disrepectful by users of those services.