Magic Unveils uniPaaS and iBOLT at Mobile App World

Magic Software Enterprises, which provides cloud and on-premise-enabled application platform and business integration solutions, will be introducing its uniPaaS and iBOLT offerings to mobile application developers at this year’s Mobile App World event in London, which starts today and runs for two days.

uniPaaS is an application platform designed to simplify the process of building and deploying mobile applications, full client, rich internet applications (RIA), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings.

According to Magic Software, uniPaaS pre-compiles and pre-configures the intensive code-writing process associated with developing mobile apps, providing a single development and deployment paradigm that means there are fewer skill-sets to manage, enabling enterprises and independent software vendors to roll-out their mobile application faster and at lower cost.

The company adds that mobile apps developed using uniPaaS are lightweight enough to fit the limited memory and processing power of the phone or device, but powerful enough to enable workers to complete their essential tasks. uniPaaS also features its own dedicated client side module, ensuring that mobile applications created using uniPaaS are not vulnerable to internet-based security threats.

In addition to uniPaaS, Magic Software will also introduce iBOLT, its code-free business integration platform. Using both uniPaaS and iBOLT, developers are able to build mobile applications that integrate and present multiple enterprise system data on a single mobile screen.

An example of this integration is the combination of SAP with CRM data, ERP data and back-office systems and processes to produce entire business workflows that can be customised, extended and deployed for use by sales teams and technicians in the field and employees on the move.

Magic Software is also encouraging developers to pre-register for uniPaaS Jet, a free full application platform which is coming soon, here.