New Pokémon game centres on getting its weakest monster to jump

Tyrone Stewart

Magikarp JumpThe Pokémon Company may have just introduced its most interesting pocket monster game yet: a game centred on what is widely considered its most useless creation, Margikarp.

In Margikarp Jump, players train the water-type Pokémon to jump as high as possible, and win out in jumping competitions. And that’s about it really.

Accompanied by the famous Pokémon music, the player is introduced to Margikarp by Mayor Karp of Hoppy Town – a town where “everybody loves Margikarp”. The Mayor directs the player toward catching their first fish, and gets them training on their way to winning the game’s eight jumping leagues.

Throughout the game, several of the franchises most famous Pokémon – including Pikachu, Slowpoke, Pidgey, and more – popup to help, or hinder, Margikarp’s progress.

During training, it’s possible for your Margikarp to get ‘knocked out’, or retire upon reaching level 20. At this point, the player starts over with a new fish that’s ‘a little bit stronger than their last’.

The game, available for free via the App Store and Play Store, also features in-app purchases. Using real money, players can speed up their training, replenish food stock, catch more Margikarp, and purchase décor for their Margikarp’s habitat.

The release of the mobile game coincides with shares in Nintendo, The Pokémon Company’s parent, hitting an eight-and-a-half year high. The sharp rise came of 5.48 per cent, from the day prior, came after Japanese video game developer Capcom announced that Monster Hunter XX – a massive game in Japan – would be making its way to the Nintendo Switch.